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The V...

…for Legacy

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The V for Other Mesh Bodies

this would be awesome if I could use this for other bodies such as Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya as well ♥

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Suggestions for the V

1.) A tint option for the skin. I love session skins, but I often play fantasy characters, and tint my skin to match my role., but can not use the V without a tint option. 2.) Would like to see materials for faces, such as being able to apply a shine to the inner labia …

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Cheek dimple BoM appliers would be luuush!!!

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10 votes

for the V

I was hoping in the future that you might have tanline for the V btw it bloody amazing thank you for your hard work. Best looking in sl by far

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Gloria for LeLutka in BOM

[ session ] Gloria FATPACK v1.1 (Lelutka applier) I would love to have a BOM version of this skin.

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