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The V - pubic and hud

Ok, i have few suggestions/requests 🙂

1: mini hud only for The V status/shapes w/o voice, animations nor deformers … to have a little hud on an edge for just the most common status (less scripts)

2: would love also a mesh rigged pubic … (for example: pubic hair rigged from absolut creation … but they do alpha with the V on the lower part)

3: any way to get also an option the inner lips could move more between the mound… not looking always out as one of the 57 shape options ?

4: hide button while worn full bodysuits where the V keeps looking through (not so important)

5: as i seen the booty bug on myself… a copy of The V without any deformer stuff please?
Thank you

Pending brianna-b2 shared this idea

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