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  1. What are the instructions for when we do not use (don’t want to use) BOM? I have a Maitreya body. Thank you.

    1. You can use BoM or Omega. Omega can be selected in the options

      Thanks for your support. Message the sessions group if you ever have any questions.

        1. My body is maitreya, and I couldn’t use the product, it is always red V, I bought the omega from the store, but the other omega that says in the tutorial I can’t find it, where can I find it? And what solution can I use your product for?
          Where do I find this Omega Session Body appliers, Skinny tonne 00B, I already searched the market and didn’t find it. Would you like a help, why not indicate where to buy the omegas you have to use? I want to use the product I bought, but I need help.

    2. Hello, I would like to ask how should I do if I don’t want to use the BoM?thanks for your attention, I wait for advice.

    3. Both my girlfriend and I have the V and we both love it, the only trouble is , even though we have swapped huds we cannot get them to work on each other, everytime we touch, the V just gives us another hud, or it acts as though it is our own hud.

      I’m assuming this is because there are no partner anims, Will there be any, may I ask?

  2. hi there
    press and hold the stop button for 3 seconds
    this is explained in the release notes

  3. I can’t be 100% sure from your description without seeing a photo. Please remove your body alpha if your V is red.

    Thanks for your support. Message the sessions group if you ever have any questions.

  4. Please remove your body alpha if your V is red.

    Thanks for your support. Message the sessions group if you ever have any questions.

  5. Please remove your body alpha if your V is red.

    Thanks for your support. Message the sessions group if you ever have any questions.

  6. Please remove your body alpha if your V is red.

    Thanks for your support. Message the sessions group if you ever have any questions.

      1. I am having same issue. maitreya alpha removed, BOM activated in maiterya hud… still red block. 🙁 What a waste of 1.500 Lindens

  7. You can make the pubic hair transparent in look menu. To reset back to original condition, please go to the marketplace page and have it redelivered.

  8. Just go to the marketplace listing, click on the date of purchase and have it redelivered.

  9. Certain AO moves with pelvic turns cause The V – Bento by Session Skins & ASA V1.03 to twist and misshape. I see this with some of the Vista Esther AO standing animations that put one leg more forward than the other on my Maitreya Lara body. Here is an example: https://gyazo.com/3ddcdc12f49cea38c2e11649b5e8f9f4.

    The same area of the body skin without the V in place does not deform in this way.

    I understand there are current compatibility issues with Vista AOs and that this may be related to those. I hope this can be corrected without asking owners to change AO, which is not practical or affordable for many. Testing AOs for V-compatibility in a public shop is also not realistic. Life will be much better if the V can be made AO independent!

    1. The creator of vista accidentally keyframed the hind bones in some of his AO’s animations. Vista animations are made for humans and hind bones are made for non human/quadruped avatars. It was 100% mistake on their part. The V (and P) use the hind bones.

      This V (and P) works with any and all AOs in SL except vista because of this small mistake.

      1. I tried this further on avatars with different Vista AOs and only see the twisting problem with the most recent V5 Bento AOs (Esther, Zoe, and Erika). V4 Vista AOs seem to be okay. (Both Xuel and Nara were fine for me.) The same was true for few the V3 ones

        Can you confirm it is just the three V5 Bento AOs that are the problem ones from Vista? If true, that clarification would much help customers.

        1. I agree that it would help customers who spent so much for the AO’s mentioned, like myself, to know that it will distort. I am very upset that I am faced with either using the V which I love and the Vista Animations that I love. Not cheap error for customers. Disappointed and embarrassing when husband says, “something is wrong down there!”

  10. Hey Nlm, please update to 1.05. This issue has been addressed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  11. Thank you for quick V1.05 update!
    I’m very happy that auto deforming glitch has been fixed.
    And, I’ll be fully contented if it won’t deform breast shape after stopping animations. Then I can be willing to let anyone to play the animations with the V HUD.

    1. @Nim, if you give someone access to your remote hud and they play a breast fondling animation, it’s going to deform your breasts no matter what. If you want the V to bring your breasts back to their default shape, please select as default shape in the breast deformer for it to fall back on.

      1. Actually not only breast fondling but any animation would deform breast shape after stopping animations.
        And the default shape saved in the HUD is different from the undeformed default shape (real shape). The HUD’s default is something like a push-up and a little bit smaller breast.

  12. Well I hate to be the odd ball the product looked good I did buy it and sad to say mine is deformed I tried everything to fix it and it still is deformed I lucked out with this product sad but true

  13. I have a White Furred avatar and the Outer labia on this is pale tan, is there a way to get this area white so its tintable to fit the body?
    I used the whitest setting that was available and I have baked on mesh. The Outer labia does not change. Could you maybe add a white texture or a fur option?
    love this product and look forward to more updates.

    1. There’s an option to turn the outer labia 100% transparent and there’s also a pure white outer labia texture as well. This was added in one of the last udpates. I hope this helps

  14. There is a discoloration on the pubic mound. I am wondering if there is a fix for this. I am wearing sessions skin BoM, Maitreya BoM.

  15. i have this same issue, i checked with another skin and the problem vanishes, this is a skinnery skin issue not the vaginas, i guess only way to fix is contact the skinnery designer and tell her its flawed when used with omega and Bom.

  16. Thank you, the pubic issue is corrected, I think the problems I am seeing with the fit, has to do with the way the left side inner and outer labia are pulled down. I was told this is somehow related to animations but I am not sure how to correct it. I’ve removed my AO entirely, relogged, stopped animations and revoked permissions, removed everything but just the absolute essentials, and still it’s deformed, I’ve even tried with the only objects attached are the V Bento and the Firestorm Bridge. In fact even with those two objects and only the four items required for the classic avatar, and still it’s deformed. One thing I did learn is the height in the shape sliders under Body does affect this, shorter and it shifts left, taller it shifts right it seems that a setting around 75 makes them somewhat even, but I don’t want to make myself that tall. perhaps there is another slider that affects this some as well.

  17. I’m having a similar issue and most of the red is gone there is also a bit left at the top of the pelvis. Before my legs were vanishing

  18. Hello, I recently bought the V Bento for one of my alt’s and I don’t know currently if this is an issue with the script or I may possibly be doing something wrong. Upon wearing it with each hud added and the omega support turned on. I still cant seem to get my omega skin to apply to the V Bento. If by any chance your able to help me on this problem it would be much appreciated. Also the current skin omega I’m using is the baddies skin.

    1. I would like to retract my statement and stat I was an idiot earlier. I cant delete my comment though it seems. I would like to apologize ahead of time for the inconvenience.

  19. A clue as to how to increase the HUD size would be most appreciated. I hope it’s a simple procedure – lol. Thanking you in advance. x

  20. If you are in a relationship with a female and both have the Vbento and they are added to your guest list. IT WILL NOT allow you to work it. It actually controls your own that you are wearing as opposed to the HUD you were given from your mate. Is there a way to fix that??

  21. Since my last post was deleted for some reason I will post again. When two WOMEN are in a relationship and BOTH have the V Bento, when you access the HUDs on one another it will not allow you to “touch” the other person the HUD given to you from your mate actually only works YOURS. Is there a way to fix that??

  22. It seems my comment here was deleted. I am having the issue where the left side of the labia is lower than the right side and keeps it from fitting totally inside of panties. I was told at first the issue was due to animations, however I’ve tested this and it is not an animation issue, I completely removed all animations and only items that were attached were the V and the Firestorm bridge, and then the four items that are required by SL (eyes,skin, shape, and brows) After a relog, the issue persisted. After some other experiments, I found that the one side was being stretched down due to the height slider, by moving that slider up to 100 the reverse happens and the right side gets stretched, below about 75 the left side. I’ve tested this several times and seems to stay true to this.

  23. Feature request: It would be great if, when The V is hidden, the underlying body area is automatically unhidden, and when The V is visible, the underlying area is automatically hidden.

    1. Hi Jennifer, i posted a comment about not been able to find the Hide and Unhide feature, but my post has not been approved (not really sure what happened to it). Are you able to tell me where it is in the Hud? Thank you.

  24. May I get the channel that the V talks and listens on? My goal is to write a set of gestures so I can get by without the HUD on all the time. Thank you! Razzwolfe Resident in SL.

  25. I looked through the issues and tutorials and couldn’t find an answer to my queston. Is there a way to disable the deformers? Wearing the HUD wil always deform my shape and physics don’t work. Even if I click the STOP button, it will not help.

  26. My hud is stuck inside my avi body. Can I get a redelivery. or help with the eidt? Also, is the upgrade free? If so where do I get it?

  27. V deformation bug (visible on the lower lips) found !

    * The V is link with cursor of:
    1. Body height
    2. Leg Lenght

    If value are not 50 on this two cursor and if we move it V deforms to the left or to the right.
    Problem is a shape with this value is just horrible ^^

    Thx to unlink this 🙂

  28. no sound, appears when you turn on only for 1 second, and that’s it., pubic hair is not attached to the body, hanging in the air

  29. The Save State slots is not working for me. I select the icon, which asks to select a number, but it does not save my preferred state. Also an added note, i tried saving a slot in the Deformers section too, which again is not working.

    Also how do i hide / unhide the V Bento. I have looked all over the Hud. Thanking you.

  30. HUD Feature Requests (2):
    when using the save slots, have the selected save slot button highlight and turn off the highlight on the default shape buttons. This gives a clearer indication at a glance what shape is active. Additionally, if using the toggle arrows for extra shapes, turn off all highlights on the vagina shapes buttons to indicate a non saved/none default shape is active.

    Related to that, when “rest” position is activated on teleport, have the button that was selected as the rest state highlight and turn off any other vagina shape highlights. This, too, gives a clearer indication at a glance what shape is active.

    As it stands now the the highlight on the vagina shape buttons can be confusing since it does not always accurately show which shape is actually active.

  31. Hi I bought The V Bento Vagina yesterday after testing it carefully with the demo, the demo function very good, nothing to say about that. But when I tested the bought one, the sound effects dont function, its like its “cut off”, I hear a sec in the begining of the first I test then its all quiet. I have increased the sound on everything but, no dont hear anything. What can be wrong? Oh and I made a redeliver too, but same problem there. I have tested both with and without AO on, all works well even with AO on, but not the sound, with or without AO. I have the Maitreya body. latest version on the normal size.

  32. When using the “piercing” with [ session ] The V Bento (Maitreya) v1.1, the “push in” function leaves the piercing detached and floating on it’s own.

    1. Hello
      I noticed same problem still with – The V 1.12:
      I use a valley piercing and every time i wear even only The V – it is deforming my bum outside, so the piercing is inside of me.
      (worn body, piercing and only attaching The V results into pushing my bum even AFTER few times reset via the HUD)
      Also it automatically deform my bum after ANY relog – even without the HUD.
      deleting all “bouty_ ” files stops that, but then i get script errors about 2 files missing. (v 1.12)
      i asked a friend, and her bum push out a bit too.. so 1.11 was not solving the deform problem.
      Hope you can get a clean standard booty to solve that auto – deforming always. thank you

  33. The “Watch Setup Video” button on the V1.1 HUD takes me to the Marketplace Listing, not the setup video.

    The first time I used the V1.1 breast deformer, “Mirrored” was already selected, but changes were not mirrored; they affected only one breast. After I selected “Separate” and then “Mirrored” again, it worked correctly.

    Thanks for making a great product!

  34. Sorry I didn’t include this in the earlier post.

    I really need a tutorial or, at least, some instructions for the shoulder positioning, and I can’t find either.

  35. V Bento version 1.1… released on 8/15/2020. Texture seams at inner thighs do not blend smoothly with avatar mesh. They did on v.105 and earlier. See photo for comparison. Photo taken wearing same skin, at 22m.


  36. Would it be possible to get a button to completely disable the deformer function in the HUD?

    The default position on the breasts makes mine sag more than intended with my shape, so every time I TP I have to do an undeform to make them look as I intended, of course I can use the deformers to make this not an issue, but a button that just disables them would be nice.

    The following pic helps explain what I mean, the left side is the default state of the V, the right is after I undeform(and what I intended with my shape)


    Mariafreya Resident

  37. The latest version 1.1 I think, has a issue when I use the “push in” button and I have the ring enabled, the ring stays “floating” in it’s original position.

    Secondly, would it be possible to have a “daintier” ring option? This one feels very thick and not as subtile – lady like to me.

    1. we fixed that in the latest update. Thanks for letting us know! Also, we will release an accessory pack with a daintier ring option soon.

  38. Hello.The Session vagina is wonderful, however, I am also encountering problems with sound reproduction in this latest update. They run for a few seconds and stop.
    I hope that soon, you can solve this problem.

  39. Could you update the UI so that when selecting the jewelry to color, the button turns pink so we see what has been selected (in the UI)?

  40. I bought V Bento and used the omega apllier. Now the red colour is gone, but it seems that a part of the V Bento is missing…and the colour is yellow…

  41. Stuck The V v1.12 HUD.
    The HUD page for facial expressions is open and will not close, and I cannot change to the other facial expressions pages, nor do any of the buttons along the side work. The three buttons at the top left to hide The V, minimize the HUD and detach the HUD work, but when it is minimized the stuck page is still open. This behavior survived detaching and reattaching the HUD and restarting the viewer. I’m running the latest version of Firestorm on Windows 10. I have screen shots, but can see no way to send them.

  42. I’ve struggled so I’ve watched the video, it was helpful for a part. I did everything recommended and still, it stays white! Help!!!
    Also adding a skin did not do the trick, neither a redelivery. 🙁

    See picture, It makes clear what my problem is. https://prnt.sc/u4fx4l

    1. It looks like you need to press the hud on the omega installer and apply an omega skin to activate the applier.

  43. Hi, any way to fix this seaming issue? It looks great on high graphics, but as soon as I turn on the advanced lighting model, I get a very clear seam. It’s not super noticeable from straight on and a bit further back, but it kind of defeats the purpose of wearing it if it looks strange up close.

    I’m also currently wearing the Session Skins Skinny Body skin in tone 00b, and even though I’ve chosen that in the texture hud, I’m surprised to still see seaming. Is there something I’m missing or some way to fix it?


    1. it looks like you’re wearing maitreya body materials. Please disable them. We will add full body materials in a future update.

      1. Thank you for your help! I asked a CSR inworld and was just told that I needed to always have the CalWL windlight on, which was just frustrating and made me feel like my purchase was unusable, so I’m thankful for your response!

    1. It’s really hard to tell as I’ve never seen such a thing. Try getting a redelivery. If that doesn’t work, please message iPro resident.

  44. AFAICT, no CSR has responded here since July 7. I was initially blown away by the quality of Sessions customer service. Now, not so much.

    1. We’ve been reading the comments and working behind the scenes on updates. most of these issues have been addressed in the latest update. Thanks for posting here and sharing what you’ve found!

  45. How do you get the body measurements to work with this ?
    I have tried over 50 shapes and been tweaking to get all these animations to work right, I went and looked at the demo at the ASA store to watch the animations and tried to tweak my body from that also and to see my hands go in the body or too far away is really frustrating, This should come with a note card of the body measurements that you show in the avatar in world so that playing with the animations in the hud actually work for myself and my husband to enjoy watching !!

    1. I’ll send you a shape inworld. Basically your armspan should be close in width to your height. We record mocap with human proportions and edit the animations using rigs that are also human proportions.

  46. Excuse me, i know you beautiful creators are really busy, but hear me out on this one.. ^^; I’ve done everything..(Not using bom skin)
    to try matching the skin..(Omega) with the appliers, i have the season V installer on and my hourglass installer on, and i active them both it gave me the thank you message, but sadly when i tried to apply the skin(Omega) which i am using nothing happens, i have even talked to one of the reviewers they are having issues as well.
    if any of the creators can reply or message me in world, Hortumia, it would be really helpful, since the tutorial is about mait/bom. it is a bit difficult

  47. Hi, I having trouble with the The V Bento v1.12. Now I have a big hole were it should be seen. I use BOM to my Maitreya body. Using older version its ok. What can I do? Thank you in advance/Diddi

  48. I have V1.2 and have had trouble with the save slots for the deformers. When selecting a number (after selecting the save icon) I am not told whether the deform has been saved.

    And, it appears not to be saving as when I log in my body tends to be reset and when I apply the HUD again and select the save slot, nothing happens.

  49. Certain animations that involve the breast and butt (actually, most) deform my breast and butt. I am on the smaller size but it makes them super big and I’m having to reset my skeleton and take off my deformers to fix it. I have also tried to play the animations without my deformers on and having the same issue. This is with the demo.

  50. When I hide the V-bento (with the eye-symbol in the top left of the HUD), the area becomes transparent and I have to use the Maitreya HUD to disable the (alpha) hole in my body.
    This is a bit annoying, as it needs to be done often.
    Is it possible to automatically disable/enable the alpha when switching between hide/show? (I’m using BOM.)

    1. I found. The problem was occurring because of the materials of the Maitreya body.
      Hope you can implement a feature to make it work with materials.

  51. Hello, I have a question about The V Bento hud. When I was browsing the facial expressions tab the hud had gotten stuck there. If I remove it then put it back on it still remains stuck open on the expressions page. Here is a pic of the hud when I reattach it.
    If you look closely you will see the pink menu icon floating off to the left and below the tab. Is there a way to fix this?

  52. I purchased my V bento love it but when I purchased the Izzie body freckles they cover all of my body except where my V is. Any ideas

    Thank you

    1. We didn’t forget it. We had to make custom materials because we don’t have access to maitreya’s materials. Materials are going out in the next update. Sorry for the delay!

  53. This has happened twice. IT does no happen all the time. I oped The V Bento HUD and opened the breast deformer tab. Mirrored was already selected. I clicked on one of the arrows to move the breasts. Only the left one moved. I reset the animations and tried again with the same result. I selected separate and then selected mirrored again. It worked as expected.

  54. Is there a way to really really disable the deformers? I did everything on the FAQ. Stopped animations, and reset Skeleton and Animations. The moment I move, the deformers kick in and make everything static again. I really really really really don’t need the deformers, I want them disabled. Am I the only one with this constant problem? No physics don’t work with the deformers as they claim to do.

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