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Please Leave a Reply on this page to report issues with the V Bento BETA. You have to register to be able to post. So what issues did you find?

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  1. Hey ๐Ÿ™‚ Couple of issues I have found.

    The Animations Tab: the buttons end up over layed over each other.

    The Deformers dont seem to able to be turned off? They also seem to stop Physics Effects.

    1. Hello, what would be one reason at to why my breast region on my Lara body are alpha ? everything else is perfect other than this. Have i clicked something on the hud that has caused it?. Other than this the texturing is brilliant. I look forward to a reply.

      Great product.

      1. I don’t think the V interferes with the lara breast alpha. I am guessing this is something else. Thank you for your support!

    2. We’ve fixed the issue in the animations/sounds tab. Please update your V. You can disable the deformers by pressing and holding the stop button for 3 seconds or by staying away from the deform menu.

  2. The Sounds Tab: Seems to have the same issue with the buttons ending up layered over each other when you change sets.

  3. First of all – the new V looks great! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Script issues I noticed so far, in no specific order:

    * The piercing is ok and shows none (when None in the HUD), and shows Barbell (at the big dot in the HUD), but then you get the Ball closure ring (at the three dots), and then again none (at the ball closure ring). (Btw – I wonder if there will be some resizing option and tinting/metal color choice in the future?)

    * Nipple teaser – avatar lowers in hover height, and feet sinks into floor.

    * Breast fondler – also with AO off – after animating avatar: Clicking on Pause breast fondler/and or Stop button in HUD stops hands from moving but breasts remain in a weird shape and won’t return to normal shape afterwards.

    * Same issue as above with the Just hands 1.

    * After trying out some facial expressions my face has changed its’ basic state somehow. I stop the expression, stop all animations in the HUD, I turn on my regular AO, I (Firestorm) go via the Avatar Health – Stop Avatar Animations. I activate some facial expressions in my mesh head animation HUD but that weird duck face lips remain (and earlier today also some angry eyes, hahaha). Doesn’t even go away if I go in the HUD – Extra Options – Face Animations: Off. So far it goes away after relogging though.

    * Tried (with AO off) some of the boob animations, while on a pose ball animation set with a partner to try to combine with something of low priority out. One of the boob anims worked but the others didn’t. The boobs continued however to bounce/move around even though no hands were on them. Would be nice to not only being able to simply stand up and fondle your boobs but to actually be able to use that option whilst in action. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    All the best, and keep up the good work!

    Thanks a lot, best regards

    1. Hey Snissia , we’ve addressed most of your issues in the recent update. Please go to the marketplace and have it redelivered.

      We’ve also addressed some of your issues in the “The V Bento V1.031 RELEASE NOTES / BASIC FAQ*” notecard included in the V folder.

      There is an SL bug that is preventing that overrrides the arm animations when you go from a seated position to a standing position and are playing one of the “just hands” breast fondling animation. You must replay the animation if you go from a seated to standing position because your AO or the built in SL animations override the arm animations. That is why your breasts continue to move.

    2. Hey Snissia,

      The current piercings are just placeholders for better piercings to come.

      We’ve fixed the animations that are sinking in the floor. Please update your V.

      The face animations might not look great on every head. You can disable all face animations inside of the options menu.

      Thank you for your support!

  4. Already told Ipro about my problems but ill write them here too so they wont get lost. Deformers showing for me but not others unless i reactive the state once more when they enter the place/sim. Not sure if looking too far out does prevent the deformer from showing correctly too but being tabbed out of SL definitely does prevent the deformer from showing correctly when coming back until i manually reactivate the saved shape once more for those people …if that can be changed any way it would be wonderful so that its active all the time and not different people seeing different shapes of me. Needing to reactivate the deformer/saved shape after taking off the V is odd too …maybe there is a chance to have 1 saved state autoactivate when the V is put on? If not all the problems can be solved maybe give a chance to deactivate the deformer as it does deform at least the Breastshape when put on so either it does work the way needed or it has to go offline.

    1. Right Alko, having those same issue. Maybe a non deformer version for people who dont want to use them? Or just some way to turn them off?

    2. Hey Aiko,

      We’ve addressed the issue of the deformer now playing no matter what. Also, if you don’t want the deformers to interfere with the V, please don’t use them. The deformers aren’t perfect but we’re gonna get them perfect in time.

      Thank you for your support and message us anytime!

  5. A few issues that I’ve noticed so far.

    In Vagina Look:
    -Piercings options are mismatched

    In Extra Options:
    – BoM option does not apply BoM skin to the V
    – On/Off options for Sounds and Facial animations are swapped (Highlighting On disables Sounds/Facial animations, highlighting Off turns them back on)

    Animation/Sound Options:
    -Like previously mentioned by others, labels overlap when scrolling through the options.

    1. Hey Coconaught ,

      All your issues have been addressed in the last update (except the piercings, we’re still working on those). Please go to the marketplace and have your V redeliverd.

      Thank you for your support!

  6. First of all, I must say that I liked this product very much. it contains many things together. it just adds a lot of features to it, taking just one thing.

    After wearing the product, I remove the pelvic area with BOM. when I do this, it fits the body more realistically. but again there are traces at the junction points. This situation is not very disturbing from a distance, but it is closely noticed.

    1. Hey Lina,

      It will take a few hundred more uploads to get the perfect match but we will definitely put the time into getting a closer fit. It’s more noticeable at high altitude unfortunately. It’s close but not perfect. We’re aiming for perfect and we’ll eventually get there :))

      Thank you for your support!

  7. I noticed all the same isses as Snissia Spinotti so won’t retype. I also had a weird arm thing after i used the breast animations even after i used turned everything off and on again. when i walked my arms were way out away from my body. Had to actually relog to get it to go away.

    The only issue i saw that wasn’t mentioned is adjustment for placement. I had to change my body a bit to get the pubic hair options to show and lose thickness but readjusted body fat and hip width to get back to looking like me. This worked but i noticed some minute “holes” around the edges between my body and the V after that. Not huge and you have to cam in close to see them but thought I would mention.

    Overall, very excited and happy with it and i know there will be some adjustments

    1. Hey Molly, we’re working on getting rid of those holes. If you press and hold the stop button for 3 seconds, you can reset the deformers. If you just want to reset the arm deformers, press the center button in the arm deformer menu.

      Thank you for your support! We will continue to develop this product until it’s perfect !

  8. Confirming the issues others have listed here, for whatever it’s worth. I’m sure they’ll be fixed though.

    My suggestion would be to add a (possibly optional) autohide. As it is, I have to go into the Maitreya HUD to manually alpha every time I attach and detach it. It would make things less confusing for new users too.

    1. Hey Audle,

      We didn’t want to add autohide because of the additional script but we might add it in the future.

      Thank you for your support! This product is only 25%ish finsihed. Expect lots of updates and improvements.

  9. I often lightly tint my skins using the Maitreya hud but after I added the V and tinted my skin with a pink hue, a yellow-ish triangle became visible in the blend area of the V as shown here:

    It would be great if there could be some way to also tint that area of the V. It is fantastic and I really want to be able to wear it all the time, with all of my skins. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

    1. Hey Xaleria,

      We’ve added a way to tint that area. Please update your V by going to the marketplace and having it redelivered on the V listing.

      Thank you for your support!

  10. Noticed a lot of the same issues as already stated, so won’t restate those. When hiding and unhiding the V the Pubic hairs will reappear and not keep the shaved setting. Also the new V doesn’t fit under clothing as well as the older one even when using the Push In button. At least there is the ability to hide the V now and since we are now using a full skin I can switch to the BoM skin, but this doesn’t work if something is sheer.

    1. Hey Mariah,

      Over time, we will try to make the V hide even better. Most would say that the new V hides better than the original V. I have noticed that it might not hide as well for tall avatars. We will try to make the push in even better over time.

      We’ve fixed the pubic hair bug in the latest update. Please update your V by going to the marketplace and having it redelivered:

      Thank you for your support!

  11. Thank you for the work on this product. Here’s my 2 cents.

    The hud has many features and it would be very good to have an accompanying short video or even a series of pictures going through each item… with your input and as YOU see it working.
    This would save us users lots of time and also free up your session chat.

    1. Hey tysontivoli,

      We are almost finished with all the videos and will put them in the HUD in the next update.

      Thank you for your support!

  12. Have you thought about looking into some sort of issue tracking website, like Jira or something similar, for Tracking any issues that people have with the beta of the Bento V? Would be more handy for people reporting issues then a comment thread, since people would be able to see if the issue they are having has been reported already.

  13. * The piercings are in the Bento HUD from left to right:
    1. NONE, 2. One dot, 3. Three dots, 4. Ballclosed ring.

    Clicking them in the Bento HUD:
    1. NONE – gives NONE
    2. One dot – gives Barbell
    3. Three dots – gives Ballclosed ring
    4. Ballclosed ring – gives none

    Colorize them in the Bento Texturing HUD:
    * Piercing 1 – Responds to number 3 above (Ballclosed ring). To see what you colorize you must activate the “Three dots” in the other HUD.
    * Piercing 2 – Responds to number 2 above (Barbell). To see what you colorize you must activate the “One dot” in the other HUD.
    * Piercing 3 – Seems to be non existing.

    Would probably be more intuitive if the piercing symbols in the Bento HUD would show:
    1. Barbell and 2. Ballclosed ring (and 3. Other) and 4. None.

    The colorize menu in the Bento Texture HUD ought to correspond to the order in the other HUD:
    1. Piercing 1 (Barbell) and 2… and so on…

    Maybe also a resizing script for the piercings? ;-P

    1. Hey Snissia,

      The current piercings are just placeholders for better piercings to come. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      Thank you for your support! The future updates won’t let you down :))

  14. New furniture creator here. Would love to incorporate the functionality of this in my products (the V & P). I’m guessing that’s not available yet? Also, are you accepting affiliates?

    1. Hey faith,

      We’ll have some plugins available very soon. We’ve been working on them Since before we even released the P.

      Affiliate vendors will come at the end of June.

      Thank you for your support!

  15. Asked a friend to take remote control of my V Bento. Worked great, no errors; however, my catwa head was stuck in a smile not generated by catwa animations. resetting skeleton would not get rid of it, only removing the V worked.

    1. Hey Keme,

      The face animations might not look good on every head. I would suggest disabling face animations in the options menu so when people use the remote hud function, they can’t play the face animations.

  16. hi i just got the 1.03 the V and iv found a but with the shine/ enviorment editing being frozen when i attached the hud it was allredy preset to this how ever i can not make the shine move any more or less than what it was preset to. this has persisted threw removing re-logging and adding it back both hud and vag.

  17. With the latest update – V1.03, most animation and deformer issues seem all fixed up, but the ‘shine’ slider, for both SL-UV and HD, seems completely non-responsive; I can’t click it or drag it.

    I’ve confirmed that there isn’t another HUD invisible over the top of it or something, and tried detaching, reattaching, relog etc.

  18. First off I love the V-Bento , and everything works great, I havent had any issues wiht BoM or anything.. wish it was for Tonic too but I can wait
    The one issue that Keeps me from using it is the breast deformer, you cant turn it off and while the move and rotation works great there isnt anything to adjust the size or roundness
    It add at least 20 pts in the sliders and you still cant get close to what you had before and this is with all the physics addons and AO’s turned off

    Front Before >>
    After Adding V-Bento >>

    Side Before >>
    Side After Adding V-Bento >>

    you can see the difference in size, shape, especially in the bottom belly part, and in the cleveage

    It would be nice it be able to turn it off, or have a additional slider or adjustment for size and shape..

    I do a lot of modeling, posing and photos in SL I like to have control over every aspect of the 2nd me, and im always looking for ways to promote realism and your V-Bento is the first for that..

    Thank you

    1. Hey Jacl,

      We’ve recently come up with a solution to make the perfect deformer. It will take a while to implement though.

      We’ve updated the deformers in V1.03 and I think you will be quite please by its new default position. It’s still not perfect though.

      The volume of the breasts cannot be changed through animations/deformers but we move each breast on the x y and z axis.

      Thank you for your support! This is a brand new product that’s only 25% complete. Expect lots of updates :)))

  19. Shine slider on 1.031 hud is not working at all. Also… a “reset” feature for the deformers would be extremely helpful… or at least a button to set them back to their original positions. I also noticed that when you have the breasts deformed, and you play a breast animation… the breasts end up in an odd position when finished. In my case, they were pushed up and more together than I had set using the hud.

    1. Hey Aimee,

      You can reset the deformers by pressing and holding the stop button for 3 seconds. We’re still perfecting the deformers and should have them in much better shape in a future update.

      “The breasts end up in an odd position when finished” I believe we *partially* solved that issue in one of the last updates. The breast now go back into a default position but it’s not the perfect solution yet.

      Weโ€™ve fixed the shine issue in the latest update. Please update your V by going to the marketplace and having it redelivered:

      Thank you for your support!

  20. For those having sound issues from the V hud, Check to see if you are using Realtek Sound drives, If so a update has fixed the lack of sound playback issues for myself and at least two others.
    Worth a shot ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. No, the ‘shine’ slider is still broken as of HUD version 1.031; the version that was described in release notes as fixing this. Zero response, even with no other HUDs on screen, after various reattaches, relogs, etc.

  22. if you hide the pussy and then show it again on the main hud, the hair appears on the pussy again every time even though they are on display in the main hud ๐Ÿ™

  23. I am reporting an issue with the breast deformer. I was running the latest version of Firestorm on a 64-bit Windows 10 computer. I was wearing the Maitreya Lara v5.1 body with a BOM skin. I was playing with the breast deformer to familiarize myself with it and made one breast larger and a different shape from the other. I then was going to return them to their former, usual shape and size, and I could not do it with the deformer. I then tried each of the following steps:

    Removed the The V Bento and the HUD;
    Tried to fix the breasts with the Birth Boob-O-Matic deformer;
    Relogged and cleared the cache;
    Took off the Maitreya Lara v5.1 body and replaced it with a copy I hadn’t worn in weeks;
    Got a redelivery of the Matreya body, unpacked it, and wore the newly-delivered body and HUD;
    Downloaded one of the Linden Lab starter system avatars and wore it and the newly-downloaded body and HUD—Now I was wearing nothing that I had even owned at the time the problem started, but it still persisted. With this avatar, when I turned BOM off, so that the system body was displayed, the breasts were symmetrical; but with BOM on, they were not.
    Went to a different region;
    Logged off Firestorm and logged on with the LL viewer—the problem was resolved; my breasts were symmetrical!
    Logged off the LL viewer and logged back on with Firestorm—the problem was still resolved.
    I thought I was done with the problem and proceeded to pick where I had left off when it happened. When it happened, I was assembling my new BOM avatar with The V bento, and I had saved what I was wearing as an outfit. I “wore” that outfit, which contained the The V Bento, The V Bento HUD, the Maitreya Lara v5.1 and the HUD for it, etc. and is BOM. The problem was back. I experimented with removing one attachment at a time. When I removed The V Bento, it solved the problem, and when I added it back, the problem came back. I deleted that copy of The V Bento and its HUD and downloaded new ones. When I wore the outfit with the new V Bento and HUD, all remained well. I thought I was done with the problem.
    Not quite! I played with the breast animations (NOT DEFORMER) in the new V Bento. Only one breast moved, and the deformity returned. Then, I logged on with Firestorm from a different computer, and the deformity was gone. I logged on again from my regular computer, and it was still gone.
    So, my BOM avatar with The V Bento looks fine now, but I am afraid to use any of the features related to breasts lest I again have a difficult-to-solve, time-consuming problem.
    Perhaps a โ€œresetโ€ function in the breast deformer that would remove all changes would help?

    1. Hey Abreale,

      I want to address your grayish texture. It doesn’t look like you’re wearing a BoM skin for the body. Please watch the first video on this website for setting up BoM with Maitreya: …both the body and the V must be wearing the same BoM skin to get the perfect match.

      Another reason why it might be grayish is if it’s tinted in the texture hud.

      The maitreya rig isn’t skin-accurate so we have to manually adjust each vertex by .0001 meters to find the right fit. Over time, the V will fit better and better. It looks much better at low altitude.

      Thank you for your support! If you still can’t get the grayish tint thing figured out, please message me :))

  24. I was wondering since we have to use BOM for this, if there is a problem with the autohide and refresh for when we put on and take off, could you possibly add an Alpha Panties layer for it?

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