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Please Leave a Reply on this page to report issues with the V Bento BETA. You have to register to be able to post. So what issues did you find?

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  1. What are the instructions for when we do not use (don’t want to use) BOM? I have a Maitreya body. Thank you.

    1. You can use BoM or Omega. Omega can be selected in the options

      Thanks for your support. Message the sessions group if you ever have any questions.

  2. I can’t be 100% sure from your description without seeing a photo. Please remove your body alpha if your V is red.

    Thanks for your support. Message the sessions group if you ever have any questions.

  3. Please remove your body alpha if your V is red.

    Thanks for your support. Message the sessions group if you ever have any questions.

  4. Please remove your body alpha if your V is red.

    Thanks for your support. Message the sessions group if you ever have any questions.

  5. Please remove your body alpha if your V is red.

    Thanks for your support. Message the sessions group if you ever have any questions.

  6. You can make the pubic hair transparent in look menu. To reset back to original condition, please go to the marketplace page and have it redelivered.

  7. Certain AO moves with pelvic turns cause The V – Bento by Session Skins & ASA V1.03 to twist and misshape. I see this with some of the Vista Esther AO standing animations that put one leg more forward than the other on my Maitreya Lara body. Here is an example:

    The same area of the body skin without the V in place does not deform in this way.

    I understand there are current compatibility issues with Vista AOs and that this may be related to those. I hope this can be corrected without asking owners to change AO, which is not practical or affordable for many. Testing AOs for V-compatibility in a public shop is also not realistic. Life will be much better if the V can be made AO independent!

    1. The creator of vista accidentally keyframed the hind bones in some of his AO’s animations. Vista animations are made for humans and hind bones are made for non human/quadruped avatars. It was 100% mistake on their part. The V (and P) use the hind bones.

      This V (and P) works with any and all AOs in SL except vista because of this small mistake.

      1. I tried this further on avatars with different Vista AOs and only see the twisting problem with the most recent V5 Bento AOs (Esther, Zoe, and Erika). V4 Vista AOs seem to be okay. (Both Xuel and Nara were fine for me.) The same was true for few the V3 ones

        Can you confirm it is just the three V5 Bento AOs that are the problem ones from Vista? If true, that clarification would much help customers.

  8. Hey Nlm, please update to 1.05. This issue has been addressed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  9. Thank you for quick V1.05 update!
    I’m very happy that auto deforming glitch has been fixed.
    And, I’ll be fully contented if it won’t deform breast shape after stopping animations. Then I can be willing to let anyone to play the animations with the V HUD.

    1. @Nim, if you give someone access to your remote hud and they play a breast fondling animation, it’s going to deform your breasts no matter what. If you want the V to bring your breasts back to their default shape, please select as default shape in the breast deformer for it to fall back on.

      1. Actually not only breast fondling but any animation would deform breast shape after stopping animations.
        And the default shape saved in the HUD is different from the undeformed default shape (real shape). The HUD’s default is something like a push-up and a little bit smaller breast.

  10. Well I hate to be the odd ball the product looked good I did buy it and sad to say mine is deformed I tried everything to fix it and it still is deformed I lucked out with this product sad but true

  11. I have a White Furred avatar and the Outer labia on this is pale tan, is there a way to get this area white so its tintable to fit the body?
    I used the whitest setting that was available and I have baked on mesh. The Outer labia does not change. Could you maybe add a white texture or a fur option?
    love this product and look forward to more updates.

    1. There’s an option to turn the outer labia 100% transparent and there’s also a pure white outer labia texture as well. This was added in one of the last udpates. I hope this helps

  12. There is a discoloration on the pubic mound. I am wondering if there is a fix for this. I am wearing sessions skin BoM, Maitreya BoM.

  13. i have this same issue, i checked with another skin and the problem vanishes, this is a skinnery skin issue not the vaginas, i guess only way to fix is contact the skinnery designer and tell her its flawed when used with omega and Bom.

  14. Thank you, the pubic issue is corrected, I think the problems I am seeing with the fit, has to do with the way the left side inner and outer labia are pulled down. I was told this is somehow related to animations but I am not sure how to correct it. I’ve removed my AO entirely, relogged, stopped animations and revoked permissions, removed everything but just the absolute essentials, and still it’s deformed, I’ve even tried with the only objects attached are the V Bento and the Firestorm Bridge. In fact even with those two objects and only the four items required for the classic avatar, and still it’s deformed. One thing I did learn is the height in the shape sliders under Body does affect this, shorter and it shifts left, taller it shifts right it seems that a setting around 75 makes them somewhat even, but I don’t want to make myself that tall. perhaps there is another slider that affects this some as well.

  15. I’m having a similar issue and most of the red is gone there is also a bit left at the top of the pelvis. Before my legs were vanishing

  16. Hello, I recently bought the V Bento for one of my alt’s and I don’t know currently if this is an issue with the script or I may possibly be doing something wrong. Upon wearing it with each hud added and the omega support turned on. I still cant seem to get my omega skin to apply to the V Bento. If by any chance your able to help me on this problem it would be much appreciated. Also the current skin omega I’m using is the baddies skin.

    1. I would like to retract my statement and stat I was an idiot earlier. I cant delete my comment though it seems. I would like to apologize ahead of time for the inconvenience.

  17. A clue as to how to increase the HUD size would be most appreciated. I hope it’s a simple procedure – lol. Thanking you in advance. x

  18. If you are in a relationship with a female and both have the Vbento and they are added to your guest list. IT WILL NOT allow you to work it. It actually controls your own that you are wearing as opposed to the HUD you were given from your mate. Is there a way to fix that??

  19. Since my last post was deleted for some reason I will post again. When two WOMEN are in a relationship and BOTH have the V Bento, when you access the HUDs on one another it will not allow you to “touch” the other person the HUD given to you from your mate actually only works YOURS. Is there a way to fix that??

  20. It seems my comment here was deleted. I am having the issue where the left side of the labia is lower than the right side and keeps it from fitting totally inside of panties. I was told at first the issue was due to animations, however I’ve tested this and it is not an animation issue, I completely removed all animations and only items that were attached were the V and the Firestorm bridge, and then the four items that are required by SL (eyes,skin, shape, and brows) After a relog, the issue persisted. After some other experiments, I found that the one side was being stretched down due to the height slider, by moving that slider up to 100 the reverse happens and the right side gets stretched, below about 75 the left side. I’ve tested this several times and seems to stay true to this.

  21. Feature request: It would be great if, when The V is hidden, the underlying body area is automatically unhidden, and when The V is visible, the underlying area is automatically hidden.

  22. May I get the channel that the V talks and listens on? My goal is to write a set of gestures so I can get by without the HUD on all the time. Thank you! Razzwolfe Resident in SL.

  23. I looked through the issues and tutorials and couldn’t find an answer to my queston. Is there a way to disable the deformers? Wearing the HUD wil always deform my shape and physics don’t work. Even if I click the STOP button, it will not help.

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