The V Bento Releases

Release Notes

  • V1.04
  • Omega support! You must buy the relay at the sessions store or wait until Omega lists it on the marketplace.
  • Eye icon now highlights when the V is visible.
  • Updated all the piercings. Also, all piercings can be tinted separately from the texture HUD.
  • Breast deformers now work with breast physics. Added z-axis deformers. The “move” deformers are now 1458 animations or 9³ per breast.
  • State 0 / “Push In” animation now pushes the V even further into your body. This will allow you to wear the vagina behind skin-tight clothing.
  • “Fingering Self” animation now plays sound + face animation + cum particles. You can disable both sounds and face anims in the options menu.
  • Project Arousal plugin:
  • These are the vista animations that are not compatible with the V: If you remove these animations from your AO, there will be no distortion. Special thanks to Aimee!
  • States/Looks are now numbered (there are 55 states)
  • State 39 now pushes the lips in toward the body.
  • Mirrored breast deformers now act more like a mirror rather than moving the breasts together going the same direction.
  • Added bright white outer and inner labia texture to fit a wider variety of skins.
  • Added transparent outer labia texture for those who just want to display the inner labia texture.
  • Added auto hide script for Lara V5. If you wear the V as an outfit, it won’t auto hide. In this case, detach and reattach for auto hide.
  • The V is modifiable! If you don’t want the Omega script or the Maitreya “Auto-Hide” script, just delete them.

-Breast deform fix!
-Particles now stop when you detach the HUD.
-Brought the pubic hair prim back to the V object. You can manually drag the pubic hair with edit tools. Just drag the entire object (don’t use edit>linked prims).

-Pubes are now a separate object and modifiable. Do not rename the object pubes or the texture changer won’t be able to change the texture.
-“Guest list” for remote HUD. Add up to 3 names. You can access this list by pressing the ACCESS button.
-Breast physics fix.
-Press and hold the stop button for 3 seconds to reset deformers now has a message confirming that in chat.
-Minor bug fixes.
-HUD can be resized 3 different ways.
-You can now tint the BoM layer and piercings.


-Full instructions not available yet.
-You can’t apply maitreya lara materials to the BoM layer yet but we are looking into a way to implement it.
-Not compatible with vista AOs.
-If you disable camera constraints and zoom in way further than you’re allowed to, go to a high elevation above 1000m, hold your breath for 30 seconds and slay the fire breathing dragon, you might see some imperfections. We are working on these imperfections!
-Right boob x axis is opposite when adjusting separately.


Question: How can I replace the updated V in all my previous outfits?
Answer: In firestorm, you can replace the links in an outfit:

Question: Why am I not hearing sounds?
BEST ANSWER: Clearing cache and relogging fixes it. We don’t know why but it does.
Answer 1: The first is your sound settings might have ambient/sounds off. Here’s how you adjust your sound settings should look:
Answer 2: Sound files have been taking a long time to load in SL these days so please give them a few seconds to load and cache.
Answer 3: In the options menu, there’s a toggle to disable sounds. Please enable that and give it another try.

Question: Why is my V red?
Answer: You haven’t setup BoM yet. Here’s how you can setup BoM:

Question: My hands are moving but my breasts are not. My breasts are moving but my hands are not.
Answer: Please wait for the animations to load. The breast animations and hand/body animations are separate files. They might not be in sync so when they play out of sync, just pause and play the animation again.

Question: Why does my V flicker?
Answer: Please open your maitreya HUD, go to the alpha section and press the triangle alpha to hide the V area.

Question: Is my old V BoM skin compatible with the new V?
Answer: Unfortunately the old V skin doesn’t have a defined texture in that area. Any other BoM skin will work except the original V skin.

Question: Why is my face stuck in some of the face animations?
Answer: The face animations in this product might not look good on every bento head. There’s no set standard for head animations due to technical reasons. We apologize in advance.

Question: Where can I see all 55 states?
Answer: The first 38 states gradually open up the V (so you can save your partner’s exact P size). 39-55 Show unique looks. Just press the back arrow button to see those states.